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E-bike with rechargeable battery

NOTE: all e-bikes with ZeHus technology are not available for the time being. Please contact us or choose anoter Velorapida E-bike here


E-bikes with rechargeable battery VeloPlus

VeloPlus can be activated with few pedal strokes and it can be easily controlled with a smartphone application, connected to the Bike+ hub via Bluetooth.

This app allows the cyclist to select and monitor the speed and to measure the power generated by himself and by the motor.

8 different modes can be selected from the app, following the options:

  • E-bike mode: traditional pedal assistance with support during traction. The battery can be recharged while braking, similarly to backpedal braking. In this mode the assistance provided by the motor is almost continuous and the effort of the cyclist is reduced.

Autonomy: 30 km

  • Range extender mode: the system assists when pedalling but it starts to recover energy during efficient phases, like downhill or deceleration. It is thus possible to significantly extend the duration of the battery. 

Autonomy: up to 90 km 

  • Bike+ mode: pedal assistance is automatically activated when major effort is required (start, acceleration, uphill) and decreases when a cruise speed is reached, optimizing the efficiency of pedalling. The energy generated by the cyclist, downhill and the use of counter pedal brake allow an overall balance of the energy required by the motor and improve the efficiency of the battery. 

Autonomy: infinite

In line with street regulations, the e-bike can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h. The low weight of the motor also favours the use of VeloPlus as a normal bicycle, simply switching off the motor.

Bike+ by ZeHus e-bike with rechargeable battery

The Bike+ system is integrated in the rear hub and contains: 

  • brushless electric motor, power 250 W, nominal voltage 24 V

  • Li-ion battery, 8 elements in series, 160 Wh

  • control unit

  • sensors (inertial platform 6 d.o.f., speed and pedal sensors)

  • Bluetooth interface

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Download the user manuals for VeloPlus with Bike+system.